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Topic: Horror maps WTH??

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Author: Defiant (fireiceviper [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 20-Feb-19, 00:15:52
as a mage, you are very weak, so you have to be very smart, some tips:

All monsters are lava / don't let them touch you (lure them away to a different location and or use wall/stone/curse etc)

Flying monsters are extra lava / Dragons/Succubus/ also do non magical damage -> make sure you have gear with high defense and curse them and have your magic resistance op to 100. (also curse and stone curse if their hp is not super high)

Bats are mega lava> curse them quick and take them out quick

Sometimes you have to teleport in and out and kill them one by one.

magic staff are worth getting, they do a lot more damage -->find a blizzard staff and a firewall staff.. a very strong prissmatic staff is nice to have.

Learn how to use the map editor, so you can see where the gear is (rightclick with the bag button i think..could be left click...one of those clicks)
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 03-Feb-19, 21:44:53
Yes. Though the ROM2 fire may have faded, some of us still check in from time to time.
Author: the.gray.fox (the [dot] gray [dot] fox [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 28-Jan-19, 18:15:16
Author: steven (stevenshu123 [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 23-Jan-19, 22:34:00
anyone alive?
Author: Belial The Betrayer (v [dot] ochoa_mtto [at] hotmail [dot] es)
Date: 20-Oct-18, 23:29:14
Thanks Nova i have done all the second option stuff, now i have my chart fully loaded with potions and magic gear fully upgraded but still dying with some monsters in horror maps that hit 3k hits etc. i will keep trying
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 16-Oct-18, 17:55:27
If you're looking to get the STAT potions (body +1, Agility +1, etc) then there are two ways to get them.

1) Find some maps where these potions have been selected to drop as loot from killing specific foes. These are usually what I would refer to as the NOOB maps because the only reason for giving out these as loot for monster kills is to put character development on hyper-speed.

A much better way IMHO is....

2) You can get these potions as Inn Quest rewards on ANY map where you can complete a quest that rewards at least 1 million gold. To be offered one of those STAT potions as your quest reward your character must fulfill several requirements:

A) you must have at least 76 skill in ALL skills

B) you must have at least one skill at 91 or higher

C) you must have at least one of your base stats still at less than the hard-coded character max (meaning that you can still drink a STAT potion and it will still raise your character's stat). If your character meets these requirements AND the inn quest reward is at least 1 million gold, then you will be offered a random STAT potion as one choice for your reward (it will be a potion for which your base character is not already maxed, worn gear stat adders do not affect this so you may need to strip naked to see your character's base stats).

BTW, you can also upgrade normal magical gear in this same way. If you meet the same requirements for the inn quest reward, a random item your character has equipped and which is not already at its max magic potential will be selected to have the first magic property increased in power slightly. You can keep upgrading your gear in this way until that gear is maxed for magic power potential.
Author: Belial The Betrayer (v [dot] ochoa_mtto [at] hotmail [dot] es)
Date: 16-Oct-18, 05:36:42
like this stuff, i have those maps but the loot its not the same i killed all dragons 5 times and nothing idk..

Author: Belial The Betrayer (v [dot] ochoa_mtto [at] hotmail [dot] es)
Date: 16-Oct-18, 05:27:38
Thanks for the tips bro.. what about getting special items? how can i do that? any map suggestion? thanks
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 16-Oct-18, 03:56:09
Cast a curse scroll (preferrably an elven version because it's more powerful and lasts much longer than a regular scroll) on the spider BEFORE they ever get a chance to attack you. They will now do minimum damage (which is ~45 HP per attack) for the duration of the spell or until someone casts Bless spell on them.

Another alternative is to repeatedly cast Stone Curse on the spider (at a high enough level that the spell does not wear off before you cast the next one) so they are frozen totally immobile and cannot move. You can then kill them at your leisure. They cannot run away or attack you but their natural rate of healing will be increased while they are turned to stone. So it will be slightly harder to kill them. Overlapping firewall spells will eventually wear them down.

You can also get creative and cast stone wall spells around yourself to create an artificial barrier so the spider cannot reach you. Or find and lure the spider to someplace where there is a natural and unreachable barrier like a spot totally surrounded on all sides with trees or perhaps on top of some mountains where your mage can teleport but land creatures cannot reach. You can now attack the spider but they cannot reach you. Or cast the stone walls around the spider and trap him inside rather than yourself.

Those are just a few general suggestions. I'm sure with this kick start you can now think of many more.

Good luck,
Author: Belial The Betrayer (v [dot] ochoa_mtto [at] hotmail [dot] es)
Date: 16-Oct-18, 03:26:34
i just returned to the game after 12 years, i just level up a mage 100 skills all, 2.6k hp, 700+ mana (no special items), but i log in in quest map (horror) and got killed by a spider by 1 hit, id need any help, where can i get better items? or there is any quest suitable? thanks