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Rage of Mages 2:
Nival.com - Official Site
Lith.com - Official english site (offline)
Lith.com RoM2 Forum - Official Lith Forum (offline)
Magus RoM site
Real RoM Website
Deedwar's Webpages - RoM and RoM2
Simon Dekker - RoM, RoM2 and Diablo 2
Daniel bettac - RoM2 part of the site is no longer online
Greenworld - Old site
Greenworld - RoM and RoM2
Allods.net fansite

Phantasia - Rage of Mages - Rage of Mages fansite
Phantasia - Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg fansite
Phantasia - Online Massive Multiplayer RPG (In progress)

If you have a Rage of Mages website and you want to be listed here, please contact me.