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Topic: MASTER tribute ??!!

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Author: b5253v (cjztsohd [at] guerrillamail [dot] net)
Date: 14-Sep-16, 15:15:39
Hi, it's b6223, I just found this thread.

>My idea for a tribute to him? Make maps with triggers, and assemble a hat out of them.

>As you say, the player base for ROM2 is VERY small now (if not totally non-existent). As such, I fear just as you suspect your efforts at creating a tutorial for using map triggers would be wasted effort, that actually making a series of maps using triggers would also be hugely wasted effort. It's a GREAT idea, but the audience that would appreciate it is probably long gone as indeed are the people who would or even could create the actual maps.

Well, what do you know, I have few brand new maps already finished, MANY more started but not finished yet, and literally tens of ideas for new ones. And guess what, every single one of those maps makes use of triggers. I also planned on making a hat where those maps will have their premiere, but it will happen probably not sooner than 6 months.

Here are some screenshots:

To tribute MASTER, I will create a map specifically for him, to serve as a memorial of him as a person and his skills as a map creator. My first thought is to make it full of luscious gardens and name it The Master's Park. If you want to help, tell more about his character, what he was like and what he liked, or note your specific ideas here if you have any.
Author: bbKing (arsnova30 [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 13-Sep-16, 21:14:50
Here is Master's text file that he send me along with his shop map.


As promised here's the map.
Revised by ME, of course ;)

I enlarged the map to 64 x 64.
It was necessary to allow some decent 3D mountains.

I had no choice but to add a Level 4 monster to set
the Map Difficulty Level to 3, Hard.

The monster is a powered Skeleton[4].
That guy is really something!
Try to kill him in a 1on1 fight ;)
Use your best character and go with your most powerful
weapon. And prepare some coffee :P

He's nearly invincible... perhaps he really is :)
At least for 1 opponent alone, no matter the gear.
In case you kill him, he will respawn after 15 seconds.

As you will notice, this Skeleton is actually carrying
his own Quest Item: a Skeleton Two Handed Sword.
Please, do not remove it.
That quest item is what gives him the invincibility!
Don't worry for it.
The Skeleton is set to give NO experience and NO bag.
Therefore killing him is perfectly useless, as he will
never hand over his wonderful sword :)
Trust me.

I placed the guy outta the way in the upper left corner
of the map. A little cemetery.
Players can't reach him by just walking, since the
road is obstructed by rocks.
By the way, is the map dark anough to make you feel a
heavy atmosphere?

About shops...
I kept 4 shops in the map.
The N-W Shop sells what you need to go to Horror, b3 gear.
It also sells some Meteoric Crossbow.
Same goes for the S-E Shop, but this time it sells a wide
range of Crystal weapons, instead of Crossbows.

The N-E Shop sells only Potions, Scrolls and Books.
It sells a 'standard' quantity of items.
The S-W Shop is similar, but this time sells a 'massive'
quantity of items (for players with a good wallet :)

Please note that in the map name I put the word "quest".
This will make Potions, Scrolls and Books to regenerate
instantly once all players get out of the shop.
For Armors, Weapons and Shields the "quest" behavior does
not apply. And can't, anyway.
That's why I kept Armors and Potions separated.

Actually map title is "Skeleton Shops Quest", with three
spaces before the last word.
Players will see as map title "Skeleton Shop" only, and
n00bs won't get disoriented by the "Quest" word :)
(I planned everything :D)

Hope you'll like the map :)


So you guessed right, Fox, it wasn't a typo. :)
Author: bbKing (arsnova30 [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 31-Aug-16, 21:46:05
I'm here :)

Great idea, NOVA!

Master (real name Umberto) was Italian, living close to Milan. He was not only very smart but also had a great sense of humor. But more

importantly he had a truly kind heart.

I remember him telling me he'd met a very nice and lovely girl with a ...... Dobermann, called Nero!! They ended up living together, despite the fact

that he was afraid of that dog. We often made jokes about that, oh yes he did too, and also about what kinda girl takes a Dobermann as a pet.

I have some funny stuff I could dig up, but I know I lost quite a bit also, sadly.

And fox, you're right about Master. Everything had a reason and a purpose, for the players to find out, or not.
Author: the.gray.fox (the [dot] gray [dot] fox [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 22-Aug-16, 10:31:22
Nobody else appears to be here -- is it the August effect?

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 19-Aug-16, 17:31:43
---> Gray Fox

1) Yes, MASTER was far smarter and knew much more than he let people know. I also did not know him all that well, but from what I've been told by a few others who did know him well, I believe he simply lacked confidence in his abilities. He was humble in spite of his tremendous intelligence and skills. And not just as it relates to ROM2, but in his real life as well. BBKing may be the ROM2 player who knew him best, so I'm hoping BB sees this thread and posts some comments eventually.

2) As you say, the player base for ROM2 is VERY small now (if not totally non-existent). As such, I fear just as you suspect your efforts at creating a tutorial for using map triggers would be wasted effort, that actually making a series of maps using triggers would also be hugely wasted effort. It's a GREAT idea, but the audience that would appreciate it is probably long gone as indeed are the people who would or even could create the actual maps. So I suspect we must come up with a different idea for a tribute.

3) Regarding installing and getting the game to work.... I can at least help with the game download part but I can make no guarantees that I could successfully assist in getting it to work on your win7 system. Over the past few weeks, I've been compiling much of that list of ROM2 archive material which I suggested in a separate post some time ago. Many of the ROM2 players are gone now and I believe it's important that we archive everything we can find for future generations who might discover and wish to play this game otherwise it will be lost forever. Plus, it would work as a great one-stop place for all of us lurkers to come back to if/when we wish to re-install the game in the future.

Anyway....the files archive BBKing made for the 2013 X-Mas reunion HAT is actually still live on the internet so you CAN download the entire working game from that site (I'm sure there must be other active download sites as well out there somewhere).

Since I haven't sent any of this to Ronnie yet, I'll post that download site information here:


And since this thread is about MASTER specifically, here are a few more items I've been archiving in preparation to send to Ronnie (eventually). These have something to do with MASTER himself in one way or another:

Phantasia forum topic talking about MASTER's ROM2 Item Reference and his untimely death:


Semi-working archive of the old MonoLith forums (many of the posts themselves were not actually archived sadly, but the topic headers at least are all there). You can scan around and find quite a few posts from MASTER on there. It's a fun walk down memory lane:


It may wind up that our best option for a tribute is simply having threads on the forum like this where those of us who either knew MASTER or at least vaguely remember him can post what it is that we remember about him. It was a terrible shame when he died and his impact on the world was certainly far greater than he ever realized. Example: I remember him still 10 years later even though I barely knew him at the time.

OK, that's it for now.

Author: the.gray.fox (the [dot] gray [dot] fox [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 19-Aug-16, 16:13:25
Hello NOVA,

I am not a veteran of the game -- I played very little.
However, I lurk.

My knowledge on Master is from the things I could read (written by him) in the old rom2 forums before
they disappeared.
But I have examined at length that map he made, Skeleton King quest.
Very sophisticate. Very ingenious. And naughty too.
And he left the instructions on how to play the map in the very triggers section, which helped me a lot.

Considering that all the maps I have seen have made no use of triggers, I would cautiously infer that he
designed that map to demonstrate a concept: triggers can make a map a lot more interesting.

I mean, if you just want to spice things up you certainly do not need to use all the triggers he did.
But he did.
I say that there was a message in it. It was no mere showcase of how good he was with the editor,
especially because this much would be plain evident by just looking at the map.

Now, I had noticed a great deal of interesting things about the map, but my memory has faded. Sorry.
However, one of them has stuck: did you ever notice that the title of the map, "Skeleton King Quest",
has 2 blank spaces between the words King and Quest?
I thought that it was a typo at first... but likely it is not? With 2 blank spaces, the word "quest" does not
appear in the list of map names -- but the map retains the traits of a quest map just the same ;-)
If you remove one of the blank spaces, instead, part of the "quest" word appears, but then is truncated
in the list of map names.
Considering the care he has put in the map, I find it hard to believe that he did not place those 2 blank
spaces on purpose.

So here is the idea I have made of Master: the man was sharp. And yet you would not think it of him by
reading his messages in the old forums. Which makes me think that he was sharper than he wanted
people to realize. Or maybe he did not care to boast, some people are like that -- I can not tell.

My idea for a tribute to him? Make maps with triggers, and assemble a hat out of them.

And... I had half an idea of writing a series of lessons on how to setup triggers to achieve a number of
effects. But the audience here is so limited that I wonder if the effort was worth the trouble.
And before that, I need help in installing rom2 on my Win7 sp1 64-bit then patch it up to standards.
I do not have the gog.com version, I have an iso of the CD somewhere (gift from the collegue who
introduced me to the game, years ago).

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 18-Aug-16, 18:12:50
For those old ROM2 vets out there who remember Master, it's coming up on 10 years since he died far, far too young (27 years old). On this sad anniversary, I thought it would be cool if we had some sort of Rage of Mages related tribute to him. But I have not come up with any specific ideas that I like so far.

Anyway, since we've only got a few months to go before the 10-year mark, I started this thread in hopes that:

1) enough lurkers out there might read this post in time and like the idea of a tribute


2) maybe you would have some creative suggestions (and even participate) in whatever we might do

So if you like the Master tribute idea or have any suggestions for what we should/could do, post them here.