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Topic: Anybody who wants Simon's original Allods & Legends module

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Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 26-Nov-16, 19:19:02
OK...we have our 2nd and 3rd persons to complete the Final Challenge in Simon's Allods & Legends NWN module. A father and son team completed it last night while I was hosting the module.

If Simon ever reads this, I was instructed to pass on their compliments. They thoroughly enjoyed playing and said it was fun and EXCELLENT!!

And thanks to them for their help and play-testing feedback. They uncovered some more small tweaks that will make the module even better for the next group of players.
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 21-Nov-16, 20:16:11
Still continuing with modifications....and during those times I'm hosting the server and module for playtesting purposes, I'm actually now getting random NWN players jumping in and playing this module.

Example: last night there were four of us running around the server for about 5 hours straight. The other three players seemed to be enjoying it. I hope they come back the next time I have the server up. They all made it to around level 10 in that time and one of them even stopped and made a brand new character midstream.

Anyway, my point is....even non-ROM players are enjoying playing the Allods & Legends module.

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 14-Nov-16, 16:45:58
Continuing with the revisions so far. This begins v2.14 Not sure how this forum is going to handle the formatting of these as some of them are tabular/lists. But there's no preview button, so I just have to cross my fingers that the entries turn out readable....

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.14 (November 2016) ||
|| ||

153. Revised random conversations of Ingos Villagers so they are relevant to Ingos Village (rather than Glacial Hills). “glacial_chat” convo

154. Placed identifying sign outside the Transfer Forge in Ingos Village

155. Modified contents of Port Suslanger merchant. Used to have dual Robes of Light and Mages Robes

156. Fixed a typo error in Country Grocer tailor chest NPC conversation

157. Fixed typo in the !delete command explanation in the Player Quest Journal entry

158. Revised Omega Forge so that it is possible to upgrade weapon enhancement from +11 thru +20 (to replace removal of this ability from Suslanger Forge)

159. Revised Doomdark Icehelm description. Used to say it was worn by Reonyc

160. Removed map notes in Sareth Dungeon (one was bogus as it said “to Rigel”, other was simply off walkable map region)

161. Modified Sareth store contents. Used to have duplicate 10-stacks of cure all potions

162. Removed the “stolen” “undroppable” and “identified” flags from Elven Sorceress staff in Sareth Heartstealer random loot. The undroppable flag meant PCs could never grab it from Sareth’s corpse

163. Removed the useless Rage Key from the inventory of Fregido Undenness in the Suslanger Cave

164. Modified Final Challenge scripting “clear_inventory” script so that the Tranfer Forge Key and all subrace power items are NOT removed

165. Removed the plot or identified flags from the following Item Blueprints:

1. Suslanger Armor (plot)
2. Quadrophenia (plot) (identified)
3. Suslanger’s Pain (plot) (identified)
4. Suslanger’s Spirit (plot) (identified)
5. Shadowdancer (plot)
6. cloak of the wisp (identified)
7. cloak of the rhundar (identified)
8. Riverdance (plot)
9. Boots of the Elwins (identified)
10. Moondancers (plot)
11. Suslanger Giant Steps (plot) (identified)
12. Suslangers Freedom (plot)
13. Jordan’s Legacy (plot) (identified)
14. cloak of imminence (plot) (identified)
15. Icehelm of Doomdark (plot) (identified)
16. Suslanger Helm (plot) (identified)
17. The Icecrown (plot) (identified)
18. Sigon’s Alternative (plot)
19. The Rodion Runner (plot) (identified)
20. belt of the performer +1 (plot) (identified)
21. belt of the performer +3 (plot) (identified)
22. crystal of death (plot)

166. revised “rhun_onpc_respwn” script to clean it up and to remove the “safe zone” where PCs lvl 4 and below used to be exempt from respawning penalties. Also removed the safety of not losing character levels due to XP loss. Revised the popup GUI text within “s_pc_death” script to reflect these changes.

167. cleaned up the “nw_o0_death” script to remove all the useless original campaign junk that does not apply to Allods.

168. modified a few of the Transfer Forge scripts to remove the bogus leftover comparisons of both forges having only armor types. Also corrected some of the logical checks on the PLOT item checks. “tf_chk_itemtype”, “tf_chk_maxprops”, “tf_chk_plotitem”

169. replaced the Elwin boots with gauntlets of ogrepower for quest #7. “quest_07_b”, “quest_07_d”, “quest_07_e”

170. Set Rubika’s teleport stone as a PLOT item so that stores will not buy it.

171. removed bogus trap trigger zone in corner of Rodion map (there was no corresponding trap placeable to launch the trap anyway)

172. revised CR of orc renegate to the ¼ as calculated (rather than the overridden CR2 which results in huge XP rewards for an extremely easy foe).

173. Removed the droppable magic club from the ogres (no more gold bonanza from these lures on easy maps)

174. Slightly moved positions of the encounter triggers on UZRA map.

175. Removed the following items from shops (because the magic properties are just too generous for mere shop purchases):

Ali Ranger Shop (6)

1. Boots of Hardiness +1
2. Boots of Hardiness +2
3. The Face of Horror
4. Armor of the Elven Archer
5. Periapt of Wisdom amulet
6. Adventurer’s Strength ring

Ingos Shop, special store (6)

1. Belt of Agility
2. Best of Frost Giant Strength
3. Kossuth’s Belt
4. Boots of Striding +6
5. Ring of the Wood Elves
6. Ring of Muscles

Midnight Guard Post (4)

1. Belt of Agility
2. Bracers of Dexterity
3. Belt of Agility +6
4. Bracers of Dexterity +6

Midnight Temple Shop, midn1 (6)

1. Robe of Acid Res
2. Robe of Elec Res
3. Robe of Fire Res
4. Belt of Guiding Light
5. Boots of Striding +4
6. Nymph Cloak +4

Midnight Temple Shop, weap001 (8)

1. Greater Res Belt, bludgeon
2. Greater Res Belt, slashing
3. Greater Res Belt, piercing
4. Boots of Striding +2
5. Boots of Striding +3
6. Bracers of Dexterity +2
7. Bracers of Dexterity +3
8. Gauntlets of Ogrepower

Rigel Shop (4)

1. Periapt of Wisdom +2
2. Periapt of Wisdom +3
3. Ring of Scholars
4. Ring of Insight

Uzra Shop, thief (3)

1. Bracers of Dexterity +1
2. Belt of Agility +1
3. Thieves Hood

Uzra Shop, general (7)

1. Boots of Striding +1
2. Bracers of Dexterity +1
3. Nymph Cloak +1
4. Lich Skull
5. Copper Dragon Armor
6. Ring of Insight
7. Headband of Intellect +2
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 29-Mar-16, 04:08:18
Yet another revision for v2.13....this one is a scripting flaw with Shayan's subrace engine:

152. Fixed bug in the Shayan subrace system where subrace unique items would either NOT be given at all OR PC would get another one every single level gain AND every time joining server. The problem stems from the way the scripting truncates the ending digits from the subrace definition to determine the resref of the unique item to give. If the definition of the subrace would have the item given at level 10 or higher, then the truncation should be 3 digits rather than 2 digits. If not, the resref is not determined correctly and thus the entering PC is checked for possession of a non-existent resref. Failing this check, script attempts to give the PC an invalid item (thus no item is given at all). If the length of the resref happens to be more than 16 characters long, then an item is given EVERY level since the routine to GIVE the item automatically truncates the resref name to exactly 16 digits before giving the item. The result is a failed check every time the PC enters AND the PC receives yet another undroppable subrace item every time they enter the server (or gain a level).

This flaw is in GiveSubraceUniqueItem function within the “sha_subr_methods” script
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 25-Mar-16, 19:52:23
Still continuing with v2.13 revisions.....

146. Revised “delete_PC” script to include deletion of subrace database entries if/when a PC is deleted

147. Discovered that the Ingos Innkeeper (Bagdush Haraun) uses a duplicate of the Deldrimor store (which means the Ingos Innkeeper still sold the super potions). Therefore, changed the Ingos barkeep store TAG to “gars_bar_store2”

148. Revised the !date chat script to calculate and display the correct MINUTES time (must factor the time scale from Module Properties)

149. Fixed typo in the Nhomis the Dark Suslanger Library book …. "stay" was missing the "t" (fixed in both item blueprint and the item in the library store)

150. Added Mage Magic Staff as a recognized melee weapon for the Transfer Forge item types “tf_chk_itemtype” scrpt. However, a small problem still exists in that Magic Staff as an item does not share all of the same valid magic item properties with all other melee weapons (ex: cannot have “keen”). May therefore have to discover all the invalid magic properties and incorporate specific scripting to handle them OR simply establish the Magic Staff as its own separate item type for the Transfer Forge.

151. Changed the subrace database name to be unique for Allods module (so entries do not interfere with other modules running the Shayan subrace engine) Changed it to “SUBRACE_DB_ALLODS” Found in “sha_subr_consts” script
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 18-Mar-16, 19:47:06
Since I'm back to fiddling with Simon's module....I figured I'd update the revisions list. See below:

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.11 ||
|| ||

124. Removed remnant Rhun module conversations: “glacial_alora” and “storetaerw”

125. Removed magistrate spawner invisible object from the blueprints: custom/misc/magistrate spawner

126. Replaced missing sludge lake sound in Lord of Atlantis Domain

127. Replaced missing “rest” script on Country Grocer henchmen: Delorin (NPC/Gnomes) and Grognaer (NPC/Dwarves)

128. Removed Passchecker creature from the blueprint templates. Attempting to do so from within the Toolset crashes the Aurora Toolset program, therefore removed this via the temp folder where the module is expanded….then saved the module. The result is the passchecker still shows in the toolset palette skeleton, but there is in fact no creature there.

129. Removed following scripts: “on_spawnpass”, “on_spawnpass2”, “on_userpass”, “on_userpass2”

130. Purged all .ncs files from temp0 folder, recompiled all scripts, and saved module just to be sure there are no remnant compiled scripts for which there is no longer a script source.

131. Removed requirement for PC being level 5 in order to take ship to/from Suslanger/Sareth (“converse_ship2”, “converse_ship2a”) Also removed this level requirement from all Cave of Eternity quest golems

132. Added Lesser Tagnar potions to the Ingos Shop.

133. Added blood stains to the floors of the Octagon levels which indicate which level you are on. A stain in the archway leaving the central chamber is the indicator. Level ONE starts in the upper right corner (NE). Level TWO is East North. Level THREE is the East South….etc all the way around to Level SEVEN being the West North.

134. Modified area clearing script “clear_octagon” so that ONLY creatures are destroyed when the level is empty of PCs (used to destroy ALL objects).

135. Improved the remaining server time display (used for “!time” chat command and on player enter) so that the remaining time is parsed into DAYS, HOURS and MINUTES remaining. This makes it MUCH easier to read than a very large number of minutes remaining.

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.12 (March 2016) ||
|| ||

136. Added code for web status

137. Revised IP address for LETO subrace portalling

138. Changed subrace constants so that subrace spell resistance stacks w/ spell resistance from other sources

139. Revised Lich subrace definition to halve divine damage (divine vulnerability redoubles it to the desired 4 points)

140. Created Ascended area in Cave of Eternity, moved Altar of Darkness there, slightly relocated the Eternity Obelisk

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.13 (March 2016) ||
|| ||

141. Fixed two items in Uzra shop that were not previously set to unlimited quantities: large shield and scythe

142. Changed Gambler's Chest random items in Barony of the Doomed to remove the mega gold worth items (now are 3 random items)

143. Added Transfer Forge to Village of Ingos

144. Toned down the max enhancement possible from the Port Suslanger forge to +10 max (was +20) “myforge” script

145. Added (day) and (night) designations to the web status information “_server_status” script
Author: Decio (deciojuniorcintra [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 06-Aug-15, 06:49:56
Is This site working? Anybody here? I like this game very much, and i would to play multiplayer, does it possible?
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 10-Jun-15, 01:17:04
Oh....and I also added the Lesser Tagnar potions to one of the Ingos Shops...forgot about that one. I had made the lesser potions (single use) as of update 88 (v2.06) but had simply not gotten around to adding them to any shop so PCs could purchase/use them.

So that means v2.11 now has the following items completed from the TO-DO list:

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 10-Jun-15, 01:09:39
Add item to the TO-DO list:

11.D. Some groups in the Butcher's Dungeon also fight each other

I revised the module to version 2.11 and fixed all the missing resourses errors. Unfortunately, a few of them I had to do brute-force fashion since the toolset locked up EVERY time I tried to remove some of the creatures from the blueprint pallette. I even tried removing the creature file from the temp0 folder and saving/reloading the module and that simply keeps the creature blueprint in the pallette but wipes out the definition of it. SO....I was forced to fix the missing resources attached to those unused creatures rather than removing them. Oh well. The toolset is far from perfect.

I also removed the restriction that PCs have to be level 5 or higher to take the ship to Port Suslanger or to enter the horror quest maps in the cave of eternity. Per Simon's voiced intentions, if your character can get there or get the item, you should be able to use it....exactly as it was in ROM1/ROM2.

Most of the rest of the TO-DO list involves much more intense and dedicated work to make them happen....so those will have to wait for a later day.

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 21-May-15, 22:37:49
This list will be roughly constructed, but I thought I'd try to consolodate what remained of my various "TO DO" lists. These are the things I still intended to modify/fix (or at least consider) but had not yet managed to get to them as of v2.10

1. Finish Urd's Tower (Rigel)
2. Add a few more new areas:
A) Kids Paradise (easy)
B) Dangerous Road (easy)
C) Moonlight (horror)
3. Spider Cavern is still utterly empty
4. Adventure continuation for Ascended PCs...create the Infernal Realms server (separate server that requires PC to be Ascended in order to enter)
5. Remove a lot of the unused Rhun material (scripts, item blueprints, conversations)
6. Make better use of the subraces (perhaps at least have unique starting areas and maybe even special map areas geared toward the specific skills of the subraces
7. fix the "missing resources" list (from module rebuild scan)
8. Address/solve some remaining deficiencies/problems with the module:
A) most of the quest rewards are very underwhelming
B) The forges (Omega and Suslanger) massively dominate the module (you pretty much don't need anything besides the forges)
C) the Fox Cursed weapons are WAY over-powered
D) the shops have very limited supplies for non-fighter classes
E) invis potions (or spell) really opens up a LOT of exploit possibilities
F) a few select spots give XP/gold way out of proportion to the rest of the module and will thus tend to be heavily farmed while the rest of the module is ignored
G) unlimited resting really makes healing potions and certainly healing kits virtually unnecessary
9. Consider removing the PC level 5 requirement on the ship ride from Sareth to Suslanger
10. Consider adding Legendary Levels (LL) so Ascended PCs have more character levels to gain (perhaps only available in the Infernal Realms server)
11. Several monster groups fight each other (HOSTILE vs UNDEAD factions)
A) Malak Darkhand vs Zombie Lords (Isles of Hell)
B) Suslanger Zombie vs Slaadi (Suslanger East)
C) Urd's Tower
12. Add lesser tagnar potions to the Ingos shop
13. Several PC skills are essentially useless anywhere within the module (so PCs waste skill points learning them):
A) Open Lock
B) Search
C) Disable Trap
D) Heal (kits)
14. Spread the IOUN stones to several more random loot scripts so they show up randomly in more loot (by the time you get them now, you probably really don't need them anymore)
15. Hardcore conversion ideas (to make module slower to advance/complete)
A) make travel BETWEEN Obelisks rather than teleporting TO them
B) Ingos Wand have limited charges and then you must buy a new one
C) Radically reduce XP awards (perhpas put 250XP cap per creature)
D) Radically reduce GOLD value rewards (either by making items less valuable or perhaps put max purchase cap on stores so PCs can't get millions of gold selling a single item)
E) remove heal potions entirely (except MAYBE a few very special shops)
F) limit resting to once every XXX minutes real time
G) Radically reduce the power of the Omega and Suslanger forges
H) totally remove Time Stop and Devastating Crit
I) Remove Invis pots and scrolls (not sure what to do about PCs who cast the spell)

That's pretty much everything I could find in my various scribbled lists. I didn't necessarily intend to do any or all of them...they are just ideas meant to be considered that were not yet either addressed or completely rejected.

I played the module last night for about 5 hours (starting from a brand new character) this time I decided to make a fighter/monk/rogue. I advanced to level 18 in those 5 hours of play. Looking forward to getting a Fox Cursed Kama (maybe even two so I can dual wield...woohoo).

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 25-Apr-15, 05:08:37
Crap....just realized I posted a slightly out-of-date version of the updates list....DOH!!

The most recent list has seven more revisions. I suppose that's what I get for not double checking with my written notes before hitting SEND.

So here's the list continuation:

117. Removed the Comaradarie Stone from the Rigel shop. This could cause problems if party members of an Ascended PC can get to places on the map they should NOT be able to go.

118. Replaced the essentially worthless Ascension Wand (Rigel) with a brand new Ascension Belt (Rigel) which is thus usable by ALL character classes

119. Added Wall of Ice to Lumoir Spider as a droppable item.

120. Fixed the Cave of Eternity golems from their annoying wandering or rotating after conversation by putting POST waypoints under them all.

121. Converted "The Leecher" (Butcher's Chapel) into a lesser Fox Cursed Weapon (max leeching of 250 HP). In Simon's original module it was named as a fox cursed weapon but its item tag was not correct so that it would be recognized by the scripting as a fox cursed weapon.

122. Converted all Lumoir luck chest traps so they reset after 600 seconds (10 minutes)

123. Modified the Player Storage Locker to that it REALLY requires the Portal Key to open it....DOH.

Also a note of clarification on item #115. The script that needed editing to remove the clearing of the player action queue is on the heartbeat of the Uzra Defender and that script name is "etum_sd_rasuth"
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 23-Apr-15, 22:54:22
The formatting on this list is likely going to be a MESS, but at least it's a start. None of the text format coding from MicroSoft Word likely translates properly. I apologize in advance if it proves to be utterly unreadable.

At any rate, during the time I was revising this module, I tried to document my revisions as I went. I think I managed to adhere to my documentation task reasonably well.

The total number of documented modifications (some big, some small, some got superceded by later changes) came to 116. I know you don't have the modified module file itself, but at least this list will give you some idea of what I changed. It might also serve as a blueprint for anyone who wishes to implement some of these changes to your own modded version of Simon's module.

Following is the list of my changes (warning....this list is VERY long):

1. Modified the "treasure_ogre" script by:
1) formatting it to be easier to read
2) commenting out the generation of useless ogre cage keys (a remnant from Rhun)
3) fixing several lines of code where a typo resulted in skipping an if/then statement
these lines are individually commented with // <---NOVA 2.00

2. Modified the "fox_on_clienter" script so that:
1) Text coloring is all centralized in one "inc_colors" script (added this new script as well)
2) All equipped gear is checked against the current scripted ILR and all violating items are unequipped
3) shayan's subraces are added back
4) PCs who left the server while dead are returned to that state (no more exploiting this to avoid a respawn penalty)
5) PCs entering the server the first time since a reset now receive a welcome message

Regarding the “inc_colors” script, I realize I’m merely replacing the Rhun text coloring script, but I’ve had compiling error troubles in the past with the
Rhun script, so I prefer my “inc_colors” method Note that there are still some remnants of the Rhun color script yet to be replaced throughout the module.

[ UPDATE ] As of rev. 2.01, all instances of text coloring have been converted to use of the “inc_colors” (except the “dmfi_execute” script)

3. Modified the "rhun_on_modload" script by:
1) changing the campaign database name to Allods (instead of Rhun)
2) moving all subrace creations to a separate script "allods_subraces" in order to aid with readability

4. Modified the "nw_o0_death" script by commenting out the portion where PCs lose quest items if they die

5. Modified the "s_pc_death" script so
1) the popup GUI at death indicates the actual respawn penalties as contained in "rhun_onpc_respawn" script
2) changed text message colors to be determined by "inc_colors" script

6. Made a note in "rhun_onpc_respawn" script to note an error in the XP losses possible for respawning
previously noted it was from 500-16000 <--- NOVA 2.00, incorrect, it is really 250-16000

7. Corrected scripting errors in "j_inc_constants"
1. line 1177 prototype was int DeleteAIConstant(string sName)
but line 1612 definition was void DeleteAIConstant(string sName)

corrected prototype to be void type (since the function returns nothing)

2. line 1192 prototype was int DeleteAIInteger(string sName)
but line 1639 definition was void DeleteAIInteger(string sName)

corrected prototype to be void type (since the function returns nothing)

8. Corrected scripting errors in "x2_inc_cutscene" (which was not previously overridden by the module)
1. line 303 prototype was object CutCreateObjectCopy(float fDelay, object oObject, location lLoc, string sTag = "", int iShift = TRUE)
but line 628 definition was void CutCreateObjectCopy(float fDelay, object oObject, location lLoc, string sTag = "", int iShift = TRUE)

corrected prototype to be void type (since the function returns nothing) and attached the modified script to the module

9. Ran spell checker on the journals and conversations. Fixed many typos that were found (probably still missed a bunch).

10. Fixed the descriptions on all four Obelisk stones (they still had the Rhun locations noted)

11. Removed the mysterious "scales" placeable that was floating in space in the north of Lord of Atlantis Domain area

12. Lowered the portal to Eternity Cave in the Isles of Hell area down to ground level (it was stuck on top of rock spire)

13. Fixed the shops to have all items in UNLIMITED supply (22 total shops)
1. both shops in Uzra marketplace
2. Ali Ranger shop
3. Aliwood Chapel (monk store)
4. Epic store in Cave of Eternity
5. Country Grocer
6. Deldrimor's Shelter
7. Ingos Adventurer Inn
8. both merchants in Ingos shop
9. Midnight Guard Post
10. both merchants in Midnight Temple shop
11. both merchants in Port Suslanger
12. Rigel shop
13. three merchants in Sareth area
14. both merchants in Sareth general store
15. suslanger library

14. Some merchants were not utilizing the APPRAISE skill and required modification:
1. Uzra shop keeper, "openstore003" script
2. Rigel shop keeper, "openstore006" script

15. Revised chest random loot generation scripts so that contents are not destroyed until the timer
triggers for when the next loot is to be generated. Previously, all contents were destroyed every
time the chest was opened. This led to very annoying disappearing contents if you ever closed the
container (such as to fight off foes). Now the check for generated contents happens FIRST and
the contents are not destroyed until the timer expires. This required a LOT of instances of script
editing (122 instances). Though it certainly would have been quicker to just remove all Etum scripts,
they have been retained (and edited) in case they might be utilized in future.

Two separate lists: one for scripts unique to Rhun and the other scripts unique to Allods & Legends

Allods & Legends (37):

1. antoniochest
2. q7chest
3. skelkeychest
4. suschest01
5. suslangerspear1
6. treasure_alifor
7. treasure_ascing0
8. treasure_asclum0
9. treasure_ascmidn
10. treasure_ascrig0
11. treasure_ascsa00
12. treasure_atlanti
13. treasure_butch
14. treasure_empty_r
15. treasure_gold_re
16. treasure_hador
17. treasure_lowmed
18. treasure_lowmedm
19. treasure_octa01
20. treasure_octa02
21. treasure_octa03
22. treasure_octa04
23. treasure_rndhig2
24. treasure_rndhig3
25. treasure_rndhig4
26. treasure_rndhig5
27. treasure_rndhig6
28. treasure_rndhig7
29. treasure_rndhigh
30. treasure_tstfast
31. treasurehigh
32. treasurehigh2
33. treasurehigh2a
34. treasurelumoir
35. treasurenote00
36. treasurerndhigh
37. vcrystalquest

Rhun (85):

1. cemetery_loot
2. cemetery_loot2
3. cemetery_loot3
4. desert_loot
5. djeryv_barrel
6. elidor_loot
7. etum_home_loot
8. etum_rural_loot
9. etum_rural_loot2
10. glacial_loot
11. glacial_loot2
12. larad_chest
13. quest_04_c
14. quest_05_c
15. quest_07_c
16. quest_09_c
17. quest_10_c
18. quest_11_c
19. quest_13_c
20. quest_17_c
21. quest_20_c
22. quest_21_c
23. quest_22_c
24. quest_23_c
25. quest_24_c
26. quest_26_c
27. quest_27_c
28. quest_28_c
29. quest_31_c
30. quest_33_c
31. quest_34_c
32. quest_37_c
33. quest_39_c
34. quest_bard_d
35. quest_thef_d
36. s_createzoladsto
37. sc_ill_treas_key
38. sc_ill_treas_sp1
39. sc_ill_treas_sp2
40. sc_ill_treas_sp3
41. sc_ill_treas_sp4
42. sc_ill_treas_sp5
43. sc_ill_treas_spb
44. treasure_bronze2
45. treasure_bugbea2
46. treasure_devour1
47. treasure_devour2
48. treasure_dryad
49. treasure_firegi2
50. treasure_gan
51. treasure_gianth2
52. treasure_hellhnd
53. treasure_hjalmar
54. treasure_huk
55. treasure_map
56. treasure_mummy2
57. treasure_nymph2
58. treasure_orc2
59. treasure_pixie
60. treasure_recall
61. treasure_recall2
62. treasure_ruins
63. treasure_spidwrt
64. treasure_stracem
65. treasure_troll2
66. treasure_umber
67. treasure_vampir2
68. treasure_vampire
69. treasure_white2
70. treasurebandit
71. treasurebooks
72. treasureettumus
73. treasureettumus2
74. treasureettumus3
75. treasurelizard
76. treasurelow
77. treasurelowmed
78. treasurelowwagon
79. treasuremedwagon
80. treasurerandom
81. treasurescroll
82. treasuresewer
83. treasurespider
84. treasurexanalan
85. treasurexanalan2

16. Removed scripted ILR system. Following scripts were modified:

1. fox_on_itemequi
2. rhun_fx_itemequp
3. rhun_on_cl_enter
4. rhun_on_itemactv
5. rhun_on_itemequp
6. taip_test_stone
7. recall_stone1
8. fox_on_clienter

17. Removed loss of excess earned XP if PC chooses to postpone leveling up by modifying "rhun_on_plvlup" script

18. Created "nova_allods_map" script which should be placed on the AREA on client enter event for all map areas
which should be auto explored by possessing the Allods map (for sale in the Ingos shop and now the Ali Rangers shop too)

Intended areas covered by this map are (basically the "civilized" early areas):

A. Uzra
B. Ancient Ali Forest
C. Lord of Atlantis Domain
D. Rigel
E. Midnight
F. Ingos
G. Village of Ingos
H. Ingos Mines
I. Sareth
J. Port Suslanger

The value of having this map is the PCs mini-maps will be fully explored for all early areas even after a server reset. But most of the areas covered by the
map you will have already explored by the time you buy the map. So it's of limited benefit for true "discovery". But to make it at least somewhat beneficial
for new exploration, I also added this map to the Ali Forest Rangers store (since rangers are supposed to be "sort of" explorers)

NOTE that I replaced the MAP_RHUN item as well as the clunky rhun script for map exploration that was already in many of these area events !!!

19. Set each map area to have a display color appropriate to that area: GREEN for "friendly" areas and RED for “hostile” areas.
Basically, shops, inns and other places with no hostiles and where no fights are expected are now green. Areas with foes where you might expect to
encounter some sort of fight are now colored red. This way the area display color is a visual clue to what you can expect to find there.

GREEN (friendly) areas:

1. Aliquestinn
2. Aliwoodchapel
3. Cave of Eternity
4. Country Grocer
5. Mighnighttempleshop
6. Sareth General Store
7. Midnight Guard Post
8. Omega Forge
9. Port Suslanger
10. Ali Ranger Shop
11. Ingos Shop
12. Rigel Shop
13. Suslanger Library
14. Temple of Lolth
15. Ingos Adventurer Inn
16. Uzra Quest Inn
17. Village of Ingos
18. Uzra Markethall
19. Shangrila
20. Rage’s End
21. Chamber of Frost
22. Deldrimor Shelter
23. Portal of Light
24. Tower of Logrim (all 3 levels)
25. Void

RED (hostile) areas:

1. Atlantic Cavern
2. Lord of Atlantis Domain
3. Butcher’s Dungeon (all 4 levels)
4. Butcher’s Chapel
5. Drakhan’s Ooze Pit
6. Suslanger East
7. Suslanger West
8. Barony of the Doomed
9. Ancient Forest of Ali
10. Frozen Wastes
11. Midnight Ice Keep
12. Ingos
13. Isles of Hell
14. Lumoir
15. Midnight
16. Plain of Light
17. Rigel
18. Rigel Ingos Transition
19. Rodion
20. Room of Mirrors
21. Sands of Time
22. Sareth
23. Sareth Dungeon
24. Suslanger Cave
25. Suslanger Corridor
26. Suslanger Crypt
27. The Castle of Doomdark
28. The Octagon (all 8 levels)
29. Ingos Mines
30. Uzra
31. Wastes of Ingos
32. Dragon’s Lair
33. Ingos Arena

NO COLOR areas:

1. DM area (no PCs here)
2. Spider Cavern (empty area)

20. Rewrote the Port suslanger library books to fix some grammatical/spelling errors and just to make them more readable in general.

21. Set VOID area to be artificial light so that undead subraces (once they are implemented) will not take sunlight damage here

22. Fixed misspelled "Abandoned" chest placeable in Ingos area

23. Fixed a few area transitions that seemed a bit too small or were otherwise hard to target in game:

1. Rigel to Midnight was often hard to target
2. The return transition from Midnight to Rigel was VERY VERY small
3. The transition from Ingos into Ingos Village was also a tad small

24. Unflagged the icecrown “undroppable” flag because otherwise you can’t take the crown out of the generation chest. Also fixed a typo in the crown
description (gants &#61664; grants).

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.01 ||
|| ||

25. Changed subrace engine to use LETO version of subraces rather than using skins. This allows STAT modifiers for the subraces to be permanent
Rather than having to be applied by skins (which do not stack with the hard-coded +12 STAT max)

26. created “al_leto_subraces” script to hold all of the LETO subrace definitions for the Allods module (NOTE that I had to fix many of these definitions as
they often did NOT match the subrace characteristics noted in the comments. I also slightly modified a few of them (ex: vampires so they could be
any character class. Plus I added a few, such as Illithids and Ogres)

27. created 10-stack of vials of blood (healing potion for undead) and placed unlimited stacks of both single and 10-stacks in at least one merchant in each area
Set price of blood vial at 200 gp

28. Commented out call to execute “s_factions” script within “Rhun_onpc_respwn” so that spawning evil subraces don’t get their factions set to monster status
Otherwise they will be attacked by all townfolk and guards

29. In “rhun_on_modload” script, set script call to the “al_leto_subraces” so Allods will use the LETO versions specifically defined for Allods rather than
The predefined shayan subraces. Note that I had to import the shayan predefined subraces (in two separate files) because they were not included with
Either the original Allods module nor the Rhun module.

30. Set cost of the Map of the Allods to 25k (duplicating the cost of Simon’s original) <SPECIAL / CUSTOM3>

31. Corrected/modified the following area properties:

1. Port Suslanger PvP set to default, also rotated the area 90 deg CW
2. Ali Quest Inn set to above ground
3. Country Grocer set to above ground
4. Midnight Temple Shop set to above ground
5. Omega Forge set to above ground, also rotated 180 deg
6. Rigel rotated 180 deg
7. Sareth General Store rotated 90 deg CW
8. Uzra Markethall rotated 180 deg
9. Uzra quest inn set to above ground
10. Atlantic Cavern rotated 90 deg CCW, also rotated entry door 180 degrees so you enter on correct side of the door
11. Ali Ranger Shop rotated 90 deg CCW
12. Midnight Guard Post rotated 90 deg CCW
13. Ingos General Store rotated 90 deg CW
14. Ingos Arena rotated 90 deg CW
15. Ingos Inn rotated 90 deg CW

32. Changed Ali Forest &#61663;&#61664; Rigel area transition so the exit from Ali Forest is on the east edge of the map. Now the transition makes more sense since you
Exit Ali Forest headed east and arrive at the west edge of Rigel still facing east

33. Moved the Ali Forest Black bear spawn location farther away from the southern area transition so that you don’t get attacked the moment you enter

34. Changed the subrace light and darkness sensitive damage to occur every 3 rounds (instead of every round). This gives these subraces a little bit more
Time to perhaps rest or perform other actions that require PC not to be in combat since the sunlight damage flags the PC as being in combat
Also changed the duration of sunlight blindness to 2 rounds (was just 1). See “sha_subr_consts” script for these changes

35. In Rigel area, rotated the waypoint coming from Midnight so that PC faces south rather than arriving in Rigel facing the northern edge of the area

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.02 ||
|| ||

36. Uncommented the lines in “dead” script so clone’s inventory items are NOT duped after you defeat or tie your clone (final challenge)
Excluded the two victory and the one tie “reward” items

37. changed blood vial to do 1d4 damage to non-undead (rather than taking ALL their HP minus a d4), note that now low Hp characters can die from drinking
the blood where they could not before

38. Changed a few flags in the Omega forge config file “dm_forge_config”
1. set to allow unlimited uses per day
2. set flag to allow time stop (since time stop is already allowed elsewhere in Allods: scrolls, monsters)

39. removed duplicate goblin encounter in Uzra NE corner which had a VERY tiny trigger area (presume this was a mistake)
Also moved the trigger point for the remaining goblin encounter so the goblins spawn while you are still farther away from them

40. moved the teleport location (bubbles placeable) in the Sareth area so that use of the Rubi-ka teleport stone does not drop you right on top of the Drow
encounter. You now arrive east of the Sareth General store in the southern portion of the area

41. Created and added 10-stack potions to all merchants. 10-stacks were added for every potion they already had single potions. (need to remove duplicate
potions in the custom items, many potions have up to 4 definitions created, and need to remove the “10-stack” part of the 10 stack potions)
[ DONE as of v2.08 ]

42. Lowered the CR of a few orc creatures to tone down on the super power leveling at a few orc encounters
1. ORC was 10 now lowered to 7
2. Orc Renegate was 5 now lowered to 2

43. Added the remaining three Eternity Cave quest areas to the list of places you CANNOT teleport out of using the Ingos Wand nor the Obelisk runes
“rhun_on_itemactv” script

1. Added Rodion
2. Added Sands of Time
3. Added Isles of Hell

Note that you CAN still teleport out of all Eternity Cave quest areas using the Rubi-ka teleport stone

44. On Midnight area, moved trigger for Ogre encounter further away from where the Ogres spawn

45. Changed “treasure_stinger” loot script so the stinger king ALWAYS drops at least one of the mega gold items (rather than only 20% chance)
(Superceded by item #60)

46. Made Ingos Recall Wand location persistent across server restarts. “recall_stone1” and “recall_portal” scripts were modified

47. Modified “ilr_identifier2” conversation in order to add stolen (10,000 gp) and plot (20,000 gp) removal options to the Omega Forge
Item property removal smith. Also changed this smith’s head so he was not headless.

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.03 ||
|| ||

48. Modified “pplotAppraiseOpenStore” function definition and prototype in “nw_io_plot” script to:
1. clean up the script so it is both more efficient and easier to read
2. make it so subsequent Appraise checks with the same merchant do NOT lower the results when the PC’s Appraise skill is now higher
3. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET, conversion of local variables to campaign so past appraisals are persistent

Next step is to make previous appraise results persistent so server restarts don’t wipe out these stored results. (decided NOT to do this)

49. Adjusted 7 merchant sell markup and buy markdown rates to eliminate the price flip-flop exploit when PC’s Appraise skill is high
Previously, if a PC got a high Appraise result, the merchant’s buy and sell prices would become flipped and the PC could repeatedly buy/sell
The same item over and over and actually make gold on each transaction. With high prices items, this profit could be upwards of a million gold
Per transaction. Since the max price improvement is +/- 30, the total spread can be up to 60. So the starting values for each merchant MUST be
At least 60 apart from one another. Seven merchants were less than a 60 spread and thus vulnerable to this exploit.

50. Removed the Appraisal stone from two merchants: Aliwood chapel & Uzra Markethall (should be no more stones remaining in any of the merchants)

51. Revised all shops again so (see revised store stats excel spreadsheet):
1. All shops buy stolen goods at the same rate as non-stolen
2. All shops have unlimited gold to purchase items AND will purchase items of unlimited value
3. Raised ALL shop “identify” cost to 500 gp (this will finally make LORE skill valuable)

52. Revised “Walk or Teleport” Suslanger library book so it refers to the Rubi-ka teleporter as a stone rather than as a parchment

53. Revised the VOID sentinel so he charges 100gp/PC level to send you back to where you died (“void_keeperconvo” conversation)

54. Revised Uzra Marketplace:
1. Removed the silly light beams
2. set the armoir to “unusable” so it is no longer openable
3. Removed a hidden (and unused) sewerrat waypoint

55. Ali Ranger Shop, changed merchant NPC name from Innkeeper to Shopkeeper

56. Revised all Barony of the Doomed statue conversations to be similar and more instructive of what they do

57. Regarding the Final Challenge, set the Rubi-ka teleporter to UNDROPPABLE (so cannot be stored in the Portal of Light) and revised the “returnportalkey”
script so that in addition to returning the Portal Key, Victoria in Shangrila also returns your Rubi-ka teleporter (so you can get to the Portal of Light in
order to retrieve your stored items). (Superceded by item #65)

58. Set Sareth Dungeon doors to close again. Also set the door in Midnight Ice Keep (that leads to Doomdark’s castle) to close again

59. Though it is essentially useless, for completeness, also added option to the Joe (item removal) smith in Omega Forge so will remove “undroppaple” flag
from items for fee of 50,000 gp

60. Re-wrote “treasure_stinger” script to remove the two mega stinger loot items (silly to have such a mega cash reward here that respawns every 5 minutes)

61. Modified “recall_stone3” script to remove notification of Allods Ascension Crown not being usable in Eternity Quest areas. Also modified to process the
Country Grocer recall scrolls so they do NOT teleport you out of these areas AND you get your scroll returned to you.

62. Created Allods Ioun Stones, IOUN_GOD placeable in DM area (will be the creator of all Ioun stone effects), “ioun_stone” script, lesser/normal/greater
Ioun Stone blueprint items and added code to all (6) recall_stone# scripts in order to process the stone effects no matter what area the PC is in.
Placed stones in:
LESSER &#61664; Ingos Treasure chest
NORMAL&#61664; Sareth treausre chest
GREATER &#61664; Medium Bosses Treasure chest

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.04 ||
|| ||

63. Revised Final Challenge as follows:
1. converted Portal of Light storage chests to persist PC’s items to a unique database. Can now retrieve your items any time and others cannot steal them.
2. On victory, Final Rage messenger now gives back your Portal Key (or gives you one for free if you never bought one)
3. Added portal chest to Final Rage room so Heroes can retrieve their belongings without having to go all the way back to the Portal of Light
4. Created new script “unflagcloned” and put on Mirror Room exit event so the “cloned” local variable flag on PCs now gets deleted upon PC leaving
exiting the Mirror Room (so can do Final Challenge again same server reset)

64. Revised a small typo in Nhomis suslanger book and one in Xamorath book (both referenced the Rubika teleporter as a parchment, now say stone)

65. Changed Rubika teleporter stone back to droppable otherwise cannot take it out of the Octagon chest

66. Fixed module event “on item acquired” was erroneously set as duplicate of the “unacquired” script

67. Fixed Mirror room exit door so does NOT take the key away otherwise if you fail to exit in time you get trapped in the room with no way out. Key is now
Removed upon entering the End of Rage area “takemirrorkey” script

68. Removed “one shot” and “disarmable” flags from the Chamber of Frost trap so it will still be there and armed for subsequent PCs

69. Removed exit door from Chamber of Frost so PCs cannot accidently exit back to the Portal of Light

70. Revised Lord Mitharg’s description so refers to who he really is (not Grom). Also cleaned up his convo a tad (“final challenge”)

71. Sands of Time pilar of hope renamed PILLAR (two els)

72. Removed all of the original hero storage containers from Portal of Light

73. Set a few doors to close after being opened: Cave of Eternity, Lorgrim’s Tower entrance

74. Convo “Elorfintalk” in Lorgrim’s tower, fixed typo loose &#61664; lose

75. Revised Victoria convo in Shangrila so she returns (or gives) Portal of Light key to Ascension Hero but only if they do not already have one

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.05 ||
|| ||

76. Added “_autorestart” script and modified “Rhun_on_modload” so there is now a server autorestart timer which triggers NWNX2 plugin to restart
Imported new LIMBO area as holding location where PCs are transported as the server restarts. This should prevent most anomalies (such as being in
The middle of a conversation or what-not when the server resets).

PCs may still lose items if they fail to heed the warnings of pending restart because they WILL be ported away to LIMBO no matter what

“ouse_oworldtower” script is there for future use in case I implement DM data persist feature
“onenter_overtower” script heals PCs and removes summons and henchmen (etc) so the PCs are saved in a “clean” state

77. Moved exit from Rigel to/from RigeltoIngos Transition to the east edge of the Rigel map. This leaves the 2nd tower free to become something else
Also modified the RigeltoIngos transition area so you exit into Ingos facing NORTH. Set both doors to close when opened. Also revised to
Appropriate Rigel area map notes.

78. Modified Rage’s End creature (and conversation) slightly so that it is the spirit of Mike Singleton (creator of Lords of Midnight) who sadly
Passed away October 10, 2012 as a result of cancer.

79. Added notification to PCs of time to server restart upon client enter.

80. Revised “fox_on_clienter” so PC is welcomed EVERY time they enter the server (note this is also when item #79 notification happens too).

81. Added Necromancer Tower as the 2nd tower in the Rigel area (not complete yet, but a work-in-progress)

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.06 ||
|| ||

82. Added property scribe to Omega Forge who will rename your items. Simply imported my own scripting from my modified Rhun module. Yes it’s
probably a really daft way of doing this, but I have not yet found a better way, so I’ll go with this until/unless a better method comes along.

83. Adjusted all ascension items to be UNIDENTIFIED when found

84. Added requirement that PC possesses Portal Key in order to open the Player Storage Chests

85. Put a Player Storage Chest in Shangrila (so ascension characters effectively have easy access to persistent storage via the Rubika teleport stone)

86. Fixed the Uzra Inn and Ali Forest Inn doors by replacing the teleport to WP “on open” script with “doorcloseslow” script

87. Removed Tagnar potions from the Ingos Innkeeper (but Deldrimor shop still sells them)

88. Made Lesser Tagnar potion item blueprints (single use) but have not figured a good spot to put them yet.

89. Added “normal” and “greater” Ioun Stones to the Ingos loot chest in DM area.

90. Changed respawn timer for the Gambler’s Chest in Barony of the Doomed to 15 minutes (was 15 seconds)

91. Added visual effect to the property scribe when item is actually renamed

92. Created Bonezine’s Twin to replace the Bonezine in Lumoir so this dragon does NOT drop the Barony of the Doomed gate key

93. Replaced essentially useless Symbol of Miradoc quest reward with Cthon’s Variation (speed) boots for the Varyn Crystal quest. Removed the boots from
The Ingos shop and also moved the item blueprint to the CUSTOM/CLOTHING/BOOTs so easier to find

94. modified “rhun_on_itemactv” script to return Country Grocer scroll if PC attempts to use one when in the Void area

95. Added Player Quest Journal entries for:

Added the journals to the PCs upon PC enter “rhun_on_cl_enter” script

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.07 ||
|| ||

96. Added NWNX chat plugin, “chat_script” so PCs can query the following via chat window:
A) !time = time remaining until server restarts
B) !date = server time and date
C) *pray = emote pray
D) *sit = emote sit
E) *hi = emote say hello and wave

97. Removed HEAL potions from all shops below horror level
Also removed various items from the Ingos and Rigel shops that will become either quest rewards or get added to random loot chest

Cloak of the Wisp
Rude’s Ring
Bag of Holding
All buffing items/books in Ingos Shop

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.08 ||
|| ||

98. put buffing books into Ingos random loot chest
A) blades-biting-bashing
B) buffs
C) getwell quick
D) mage friend

99. revised player quest journals to reflect rev. 2.08

100. created new Instrument of the Winds in Ingos Shop (new one is usable by BARD ONLY). Removed old one.

101. removed duplicate potions in the item blueprints and removed the “10-stack” from the name of the 10-stack potions
Fixed all instances in the module (mostly two map areas: Aliwood monk store & Ali Ranger Shop)

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.09 ||
|| ||

102. finished the FOX Cursed Weapon scripting:
A) Added ON-HIT level 40 property to the item blueprint
B) Modified the “fox_inc_cursewpn” script so it accumulates the leeched damage on a local int stored on the actual cursed weapon
C) Included the “x2_s3_onhitcast” script in the module and modified it to process the on-hit-cast fox cursed weapon property

103. Created Smith of the Curse and the Curse_Forge. Placed them in a new room at back of the Deldrimor Shelter. Created con_curse_forge conversation
Forge will transfer Leecher of Souls item properties onto any other totally blank ranged or melee weapon placed in the forge (cost: 1.000.000 gp)

104. Revised Player Quest Journals for module revision 2.09

105. in script “quest_05_12b” changed Gomli reward #2 (Ingos Inn) from the +4 Kama to the Cloak of the Wisp (for returning Byrek’s head)

106. Added bag of holding and Rudes Ring to the Ingos random loot chest

107. Set door in Midnight that leads to ice keep to PLOT so that the Doomknight fireballs do not destroy the door.

108. Revised “ioun_stone” script to remove the active stone local string when deactivating a stone
Also revised “rhun_onpc_respwn” to remove the active stone local string when a PC respawns

109. Added !help and !delete chat commands (new “delete_pc” script and “delete_pc” conversation)
Also new “initctokens” script for setting color tokens in conversations

110. Added Player Quest Journal entry for the chat commands

111. Changed order of Rubika teleport destinations (order of conversation branches) so they are roughly in order of module progression:
Butchers Chapel
Ingos Village
Port Suslanger
Cave of Eternity

112. Added exception to the “recall_stone3” script so PC does NOT get bogus notification of cavern walls preventing use of the Rubika teleport stone

113. Revised operation of the Fox Cursed Weapons by:
A. put a cap of 1000 hp leeched
B. Gave weapon unlimited daily unique power (SELF) use which activates “recall_stone1” or “recall_stone3” to see how much has been leeched so far
C. Set the Leecher of Souls sword as UNIDENTIFIED when first found
D. Added exception to “recall_stone3” so can check leeched amount in cavern areas

114. Removed bag of holding from Aliwood monk store

|| ||
|| Beginning v2.10 ||
|| ||

115. Fixed the PC stuttering and Action Queue cancellation near the Uzra shop. The culprit was the script used by the guard near the shop who periodically says “there are dragons in Midnight”. This script contained a code line that cancels the action queue of all receivers of this text message. By removing the line of code that cancels the action queue, the problem is now fixed and PCs no longer stutter.

116. Added new cave entrance (accessible only by an Ascended PC) in the Cave of Eternity area. This entrance leads to the Foggy Tunnel area which houses Virgil (the PC’s guide to the Nether Realms) and a generic trigger that will transport the PC to the Nether Realms server. This separate server will host a brand new module “The Nether Realms” on a different IP:port (port 5122). Entrance to this module will require a password (which will be auto entered when the PC is portaled to that server) and will require CEP2.60 as well as the following HAK packs:

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 27-Mar-15, 19:54:31
You can download the NWN module directly from Simon's web site: