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Topic: Need Some Help To Write A Scenario on a Character

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Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 18-Sep-15, 03:24:33
yes its a good idea. If we can to speak on facebook its more fastly of here to resolve the new idea you having and i can explain how i build my mode and with what script and other system im using my facebook is :

Author: the.gray.fox (the [dot] gray [dot] fox [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 26-Oct-14, 11:16:31
I have a better idea, yes.

The mechanization of the ROM2 spells is fundamentally different from that of the spells of NWN. Simply
put, the ROM2 spells are a click-and-go affair. I remember in ROM2 you could select a spell once, and
keep casting it as long as you had the mana for it.

In NWN you can not do this. The spell system there uses no mana. And you have only a limited amount
of "shots" before being forced to Rest. Meaning that you must steer away from the spell system of NWN.

My idea is to use FEATS. The feats of NWN are a lot more flexible than the spells. Unlike a spell, a feat
can have any number of charges. Unlike a spell, a feat can be granted to or removed from the player on
the fly.

Like a spell, feats can have colored icons. Feats can be dragged onto the quickbar for faster access.
Feats can use the very same targeting system that a spell can (meaning that you can restrict them to
target only an area, or any creature, or only a hostile creature, or an object... or any combo of the
previous). And finally, feats do run a script just like the spells do.

Feats are disjoint from the spell system, implicitly making their "spell effects" not-naturally-subject to the
restrictions that the "spell effects" from a real spell must respect because the game engine so dictates.

And in case you wonder, yes, the teleport spell is also possible to replicate. You make it a feat. You give
it a pretty icon. You make it able to target the ground. Then in the script you grab the "spell target" and
use one of the Jump commands to move the player to that spot. Roll in some sound and a visual effect
to accompany the thing, and there you have it -- a teleport spell.

There are only 2 problems...
FIRST PROBLEM, the representation of the Mana reserves:
Mana is meant to change continously. It is reduced when you cast spells, and it is restored over time or
when you drink a potion. Now, for the scripting part, the Mana is only a number in memory. You keep
track of it and check against its actual amount every time you cast a spell. Piece of cake.
The problem is how to relate this Mana number to the player!
In the NWN interface there is no native way to display a number that can grow and shrink in realtime...

The only thing I can think of is to use the quest journal interface. In my past experiments with it I have
seen how it can update a whole page of text many times per second without slowing down the game.
But this was tested in single player only.

I know that in multiplayer everything that happens in NWN passes through the game server. To update
the journal interface so fast for a number of players all the time could really impact the performance.
On the plus side you could use a custom font and truly have the ROM2 font displayed in the quest
journal, but... this modification requires to hex edit the very game executable file.

I do not have NWN installed. So even if I have all these ideas and I just know they WILL work, I can do
nothing. Sorry. But I gave you great pointers. You should really investigate in that direction.
You might ask around on the BioWare forums if a modder is willing to help you. Any half respectable
modder can do the feats thing and the scripting part to accompany it. Including the teleport spell.

But the Mana display... I am afraid that it will take a very capable modder. As far as I know I am the only
person who ever thought to use the quest journal of NWN for purposes other than showing static text.
Perhaps there is someone else? But I do not know them.

And they are not half as good as I am, anyway. I am the sole fox around for a reason.

Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 24-Oct-14, 20:07:35
For Fox,

for now, we using the original spell of nwnt but if you have some idea for helping are the welcome :)

i think one day export the teleport but i cant find any forum the script.. only script i find is so to change map :(
Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 24-Oct-14, 05:49:49
tk if you can finish my rom3 on rune of apocalypse one poeple only you are good you can but you must to know how make it ... the gear is very nice but very hard to find but you can i have put the best of neverwinter night can have it on attack for mage and fighter you can have more best can support !!
Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 24-Oct-14, 05:49:29
tk if you can finish my rom3 on rune of apocalypse one poeple only you are good you can but you must to know how make it ... the gear is very nice but very hard to find but you can i have put the best of neverwinter night can have it on attack for mage and fighter you can have more best!!
Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 24-Oct-14, 05:24:02
im not the time and inspiration and more best computer to edit him for now
Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 24-Oct-14, 05:22:16
thks you so much Nova to having find the mod i have change dont know how the time the computer so the website have close and you have find the mod ... for fox if you use the mode .. use the cep 2.2 and more version
Author: the.gray.fox (the [dot] gray [dot] fox [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 17-Oct-14, 19:02:57
I have never seen the rom3 module.
And I do not have NWN or its toolset installed so I can not look at it anyway.

But I am curious -- How are the rom2 spells implemented?

For example, are they normal NWN spells modified for the purpose?

Or did Jult use some other solution?

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 14-Oct-14, 01:07:40
Oops, I noted the wrong archive in my previous post.

Jult's Rage of Mages 3 NWN module is archived here:


So even though the old vault is dead and gone, anyone who is interested can still get the module from there and check it out.

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 13-Oct-14, 17:59:10

Since the NWVault has gone down, you can no longer find anything for NWN there.

However, do not despair, an archive of your ROM3 module IS available from the wayback machine archive. They even have the word files and in-game screen shots you created.

So anyone looking for Jult's excellent rendition of ROM2 done in the NWN game engine can find it there. Jult's recreation of all the classic ROM2 maps into the 3D world of NWN is simply awesome!!!

Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 06-Feb-14, 06:19:41
I forgot to mention for the 1.69 patch is that if you need it

not the first link

(Windows) HOTU Critical Rebuild - Download this if you have HOTU installed.

Author: Jultknight (jultknight [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 02-Feb-14, 01:23:03
Hi to all!

I was looking for people who would like to help contribute in their free time to finish ROM3

Nothing very complicated. It only remains to add some NPCs and create dialogs for which there are more lives on the games. As I 'm rotten in english. your help would be great !

I also thought a system that resembles the Quest ROM2 with more option to add .

After that I think the game is full . If you want to get yourself Neverwinter Night Still you can get it on the internet. I can send you a download link. Not obliged to buy because GameSpy have stop technical support for patches that detectaient false CDKEY . Then you can install it with a Keygen and it works I tested it .

Could be that I will re- open a ROM3 Rom2 server or seen anything he 's going for the X- Mas Hat. I'll think strongly .

Here are the links to torrent Neverwinter Night Diamond Edition:

To update 1.69 go here:

The ROM3 Module can be found here :

To edit ROM3 you will have to appoint a patch that CEP 2.3 FULL
which can be found here:


Note: decompress in a separate directory and copy the files in each folder of the repertory of Neverwinter Night. Be careful not to overwrite the file Nwnt by the CEP Nwnt otherwise unusable and you will need to re-install Nwnt.

The ROM3 Module can be found here:

PS: As I mentioned earlier, you can do in your free time and give me the module after so I can give it to the next people who help contribute