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Author: NEO_AG (allod007 [at] mail [dot] ru)
Date: 02-Jan-13, 11:37:05
Ah i see the current ddos protection blocks all ips that are not on allowed countries list.
I'm gonna fix it within a week so it will be accessible worldwide.
For the moment if you have a fixed ip or subnet I can add it manually.
Author: camillo123 (jordancaminati [at] libero [dot] it)
Date: 30-Dec-12, 15:47:39
Hi everyone is a player of ROM2 and one I really want! play online allods2.eu

but I can not my browsers can not open up the page of 'site, says that it is not accessible. why? unpatched for ROM2 could not play eventually found in a secondary site installed it works but when I go to enter telling me to recheck URL rom can not connect to the site because I can not please help me, while on incraft run very well even if we do not play anyone: \ please help me please: (