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Topic: getting started

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Author: Italo Scarpell (soldier_side_italo [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 11-Aug-12, 07:22:03
Kingkota Hey! I played with you a long time ago! Start the hat server again man. I want play!!
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 10-Aug-12, 23:16:51
Now that you have a ROM2 HAT up and running, you might want to say so in this forum AND post the details of how to join so anyone who might want to can play:

A) how to get a HAT account
B) how to connect to your hamachi network

You might also consider making a few "public" accounts so people can horse around on your HAT before they get their own private account(s). Post those public account names and passwords with your forum announcement so everyone has access to them.

This is just a suggestion. Some people still read this forum, have fond memories of the ROM2 days, and might be interested to play your HAT.

Author: stijn (sensation_stylo [at] live [dot] nl)
Date: 30-Jul-12, 09:37:28
I also have a private teamspeak 3 server maybe that's easier I will give ip and pass trough msn!
Author: stijn (sensation_stylo [at] live [dot] nl)
Date: 30-Jul-12, 09:35:56
Heey, i played rage of mages since i was a KID, I never played it online cause I didn't know how to. But now I read these posts and still don't get anywiser! Can someone help me? I have msn: sensation_stylo@live.nl