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Topic: monster name bug with all patches

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Author: exc!ton (vladimir [dot] chebotarev [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 10-Dec-10, 16:37:18
Are you sure you use english version of patch (a2patch13en.exe ?)
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 07-Dec-10, 18:48:12
I guess I would urge you to return to the pre-patch game and instead implement Exlend's scrolling speed patch. You can find information about that in the following topic on this forum (which has a link to Exlend's web site where you can get the original information as well as a lot of other useful stuff).


If you still struggle, please come back to this forum or perhaps try emailing Exlend directly. Good luck.

Author: Esben (esben123 [at] msn [dot] com)
Date: 07-Dec-10, 11:53:04
if i patch (patch 11-13)
to anything later than the official patch (1.07)

then "orc warrior" is named "I D"

and "knight" is named "DD"

squirrel is named "AŹ" and so on.. It is quite annoying!

but if i dont use the unofficial patch, then mouse scroll speed is bugged, and resolution can't be changed to wide format.

anyone have a solution to have monster names and corrected scrolling speed at the same time ?