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Topic: just for goofing

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Author: exc!ton (vladimir [dot] chebotarev [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 06-Oct-10, 14:33:43
Doesn't work still. :(
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 24-Sep-10, 03:02:45
I think it's fixed now.....have two other people confirming they can connect now.

Lith style ROM2 HAT with a few added maps thrown in and level limits turned OFF. Just for goofing around.
Author: Lord Atton (cosmclord [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Date: 24-Sep-10, 01:48:07

That IP does not work. Can't see it.

Not sure why, but today and yesterday I get zilch.

Lord Atton
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 23-Sep-10, 14:47:46