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Topic: i dont understand the Map Editor

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Author: the.gray.fox (the [dot] gray [dot] fox [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 24-Mar-19, 15:03:14
Only a cheat can make you invincible :-/

Outside of that, some monsters can hit so hard that...
- 1st hit: you are about to
- 2nd hit: miss a heartbeat shitless
- 3rd hit: press SPACE.

Realize that no flashy gear is sanctuary in this game.

Author: Jon Kristoffersson (sogneriket [at] outlook [dot] com)
Date: 24-Mar-19, 02:23:15
well, i want to become more or less invincible
Author: Mike (mcolemanjsg [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 23-Mar-19, 09:38:17
I knew the answer to this maybe 15 years ago but I don't remember. If you want to cheat in multiplayer. Go to the top right of this page where it says files. Download the map Genocide Gear.
If you want to play through the game clearing various maps, I wouldn't put on the really strong gear set that is on the map. I just loaded up on Pods. Sold some of the gear for a ton of gold and started my character from there. I don't want to get too strong too quickly.
Author: Jon Kristoffersson (sogneriket [at] outlook [dot] com)
Date: 23-Mar-19, 00:26:28
on this site it says i need to get the multiplayer patch to be able to put bags on the map

i downloaded the multiplayer pack but it didn't work

is there something else i need?
Author: Jon Kristoffersson (sogneriket [at] outlook [dot] com)
Date: 22-Mar-19, 16:34:49
nvm, i saw the "editor help" tab
Author: Jon Kristoffersson (sogneriket [at] outlook [dot] com)
Date: 21-Mar-19, 22:00:32
i want to cheat in offline multiplayer just for fun so i created a weapon with alot of dmg and some magic etc on a map in the map editor

i Place a bag somewhere on the map but when i load the map the bag isnt there

what am i doing wrong?