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Topic: [Rage of Mages 2] Allods2.eu is open-source and looking for developers!

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Author: tangar (igroglaz [at] gmail [dot] com)
Date: 11-Aug-18, 09:13:03

The one and only (c) Allods2.eu server published it's source files:

Hat: https://github.com/jewalky/redhat

Server: https://github.com/jewalky/srvmgr

Client: https://github.com/jewalky/a2mgr

Project lead ZZYZX and team of enthusiasts who works on it would really appreciate if you would join to the process!

Also there is new awesome project, new Allods 2 client from scratch:

New client 'Ab Ovo': https://github.com/jewalky/UnityAllods

Open-source matters. Rage of Mages 2 forever!