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Topic: Potions

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Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 14-Apr-18, 01:11:52
I don't think you get offered item upgrades until you have over 18 million XP total PLUS the requirements for the potion rewards. I think all five of your skills have to be at least 76 as well to get offered item upgrades. Note also that only the first magic ability on your gear is ever upgraded. And the upgrades stop once the item reaches it's max ability to hold magic abilities.

As for killing level 5 monsters, there are lots of techniques and tactics that make it child's play to defeat them. Since I've not seen you playing I can't guess what you do during or prior to such a fight. So I'll give you a few suggestions and you can use or ignore these as you please.

1) Go into the fight armed to the teeth with elven scrolls such as the following: BLESS, CURSE, EARTH WALL. Have a stack of at least 100 of each (better 1000 of each so you don't run out in the middle of a fight). Put each of them on a hotkey for fast casting. BLESS yourself so that you do maximum damage. CURSE the monster so they do minimum damage. EARTH WALL will come in handy if you can't find a natural instance of tip #3.

2) Also go in loaded to the teeth with potions: BIG HEALING, HEALTH REGEN as a minimum. Use the healing potions for healing yourself obviously. Drink a health regen potion every 2 minutes or so because they double your natural healing rate and the effect lasts for 2 minutes from each potion.

3) When having to fight large groups of monsters at a time, lure them to a natural spot where the melee monsters are forced to fight you one at a time instead of being able to gang tackle you. Make sure to curse all flying and ranged attack foes so they do minimum damage to you while this is happening. If you can't find a natural spot, find at least a single barrier (map edge or tree line) and then create temporary barriers of your own by casting earth walls around you creating a narrow tunnel through which the monsters must queue up to fight you one at a time. Be sure to constantly re-cast your earth walls because these scrolls don't last long. Also be careful not to cast an earth wall on top of monsters when they are moving. It tends to create map crashes (bit of a coding bug in the game there).

4) Find the longest duration STONE CURSE weapon you can find (upgrade a short duration one up to the max duration doing inn quests if you can't find a good one). The max duration (barring the special "quest" gear) should be 15.0 seconds duration. You use this so that your solo foe is turned to stone every time you hit him and thus they cannot even fight back while you whittle them down toward death. The one down side is stoned creatures have their natural healing rate doubled. But If you have only one foe and you are blessed AND have high damage per hit, you will slowly whittle down even foes having 20,000 (or more) health.

That's a real short starter list of horror map techniques. There are many more you can employ which are totally necessary against the REALLY difficult and heavily boosted foes (such as ones that have 30,000 health or are permanently blessed by monster-friendly traps on the map and player-hostile traps that also automatically CURSE you constantly).

Good gaming,
Author: Rasmus laursen (rasmusnl [at] live [dot] dk)
Date: 13-Apr-18, 09:26:58
Hi Nova
Thanks for the reply, it makes perfect sense. Im just a bit confused about another topic i read.
It said if you max all the stats, you would get upgrades on your items instead of the potions.

Another thing. I suppose my character cant get any/much better, i think i have great items for both killing and defending, but if i cant boost my stats more i cant se how i for instance could kill a succubus level 5.

All the other maps in horror is pretty full with level 5 monsters, so i only play crossroads of mystery and its starting to get a little boring :)
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 12-Apr-18, 23:10:42
That is a built-in feature of the ROM2 game code. All characters (toons) have natural STAT max limits. What those exact limits are varies slightly depending upon what type of character you made. Once your base character (not counting bonuses from armor or weapons) reaches these hard coded limits, the quests will stop offering those potions to you as a reward and those potions will also no longer boost that STAT anymore either. So if you have maxed your body bonus, then BODY+1 potions will no longer be offered to you and you will waste the potion if you drink it, but you will still get potions for the other STATS which you have not yet maxed. Most people try to keep their character 1 (or 2) points below these maximums so they can still gather bonus potions for their other characters to use.

Here is a small matrix of the hard-coded STAT limits (apologies if this matrix does not display in an easily readable format, but there is no post preview feature in this forum so I can't see what my post will look like prior to hitting REPLY):

body agil mind spirit

male warrior 52 50 48 46

female warrior 50 52 46 48

male mage 48 46 52 50

female mage 46 48 50 52
Author: Rasmus laursen (rasmusnl [at] live [dot] dk)
Date: 12-Apr-18, 17:44:56
Im currently boosting my character in ROMII, i've got quite a few potions from +1mill. exp quest, but quest suddenly stopped providing the potion option.
all my skills axe, sword etc is above 80, with 2 on 100.
Anybody else tried this???
Rasmus Laursen :)