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Topic: NWN ROM3 v2.0

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Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 25-Apr-18, 21:21:44
In my haste, I realize I posted this thread to the ROM2 section when it really should have gone in the ROM3 section....sorry about that.

I also think more map areas should be added to Jult's module. Hopefully Jult will see this and be agreeable to adding them. Here is a short list of map areas I think would be awesome to see in the ROM3 NWN module:

1) Pandora's Box (MED)
2) Sholotl (MED)

3) Midnight (HARD)
4) Terra Mortis (HARD)

5) Isles of Hell (HORROR)
6) World of Ali (HORROR)
7) Horror Caslte (HORROR)
8) Rara Avis (HORROR)
9) Skeleton King (HORROR)

If anyone has additional map area suggestions, please add them to this thread.

Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 18:03:03
Let's hope it actually posts the content this time.

Here are the features of the ROM3 v2.0 module so far:

1. Much of the game-play in the module is now affected by configuration flags and settings, all of which are contained within a single "_admin_config" script. The server admin can thus very easily change these settins and recompile the module scripts in order to alter how their version of this module operates. Many of these settings are also alterable on-the-fly using a DM character. So game-play can change for many features without even having to restart the server. Note however that changes made as a DM will return to the default "_admin_config" settings when the server is restarted.

Entrance into the Ruin of Apocolypse area is now subject to these configuration flags and level restrictions just the same as the EASY, MEDIUM, HARD & HORROR maps are.

The map level restriction limits can now be toggled ON/OFF. If turned OFF, low level characters will be able to go to HORROR maps. Also the actual character level numbers used for these restrictions can be configured too. You can also now have higher level PCs get locked OUT of lower level maps if you wish. Each individual map can now be enabled/disabled independently as well. All of these levels and restriction settings are displayed on demand to the players within the game.

PC death/respawn penalties are now configurable: XP and/or GOLD loss (if any) and also what drops to the PC's loot bag (if anything). The PC's loot bag is now dropped on RESPAWN (rather than death) so that raising or ressurrecting the PC has value because it avoids any respawn loss(es).

2. All magic items have been converted to a completely scripted random loot generation system created specific for ROM3. All v1.0 magic items (aside from the small and big healing potions) have thus been removed from the module. The amount of gold dropped by creatures is now randomized as well. Socketable gear is now a configurable feature and can be toggled ON/OFF. Socket gems can be placed into open socket slots to add magic powers to the item. This allows players to create their own customized magic items. Socket items and gems are available both as possible random loot drops and also as Inn Quest rewards (see later item on the addition of Inns and quests).

NOTE: the random loot generated on creatures is avaiable for them to USE. So if they spawn with heal potions or magic items, expect them to use these things in combat against you.

3. All shops now open from a single "open_anystore" script. Shops for mages and warriors are now combined into a common shop rather than separate. The contents of the shops are now randomly generated (the power level of this random gear is configurable) and the contents of the shops also refresh after a configurable time delay (similar to ROM1 and ROM2).

4. All map area names are now colorized. GREEN areas are safe zones. RED areas are danger zones.

A. GREEN zones
- Resting is allowed

B. RED zones
- NO resting

5. As noted above, resting is now only allowed in GREEN zones. This was done to make healing skill, healing spells, healing potions, and regeneration much more valuable. It also forces players to enter the Game Zone prepared because damage from combat can no longer be fully healed simply by resting between combat encounters. Spell casters will be particularly hampered by this and will thus have to prepare much better and probably retreat to GREEN zones frequently in order to recover their spells.

6. All entry to GREEN zones is now handled via scripted transport rather than by NWN area transitions. This is to prevent NPCs and monsters from being able to follow the players into these SAFE GREEN zones.

7. Inns have been added where an Innkeeper will offer quests which you can perform to earn special rewards. You can only be on one quest at a time for any given Innkeeper. ALL open quests will automatically CANCEL if/when the server is restarted. The details of the quests are quickly customizable via settings in the "_admin_config" script.

8. Some of the standard NWN character skills are now useful (which they were not in v1.0):

A. APPRAISE now affects the pricing you get in shops (both buy and sell)
B. LORE is used to identify newly-acquired loot (shops will identify your items for a fee)
C. OPEN LOCK is used to unlock loot chests (example: a dragon's loot chest)
D. DISARM TRAP is used to disable traps (often found on dragon's loot chests)
E. HEAL improves your effectiveness using healing kits. Kits allow you to heal OTHERS unlike potions which only heal the user.

9. So that you don't have to carry ALL of your gear around with you all of the time (risking losing it when you die) and so you don't have to create MULE characters to store your spare gear, the START LOBBY now has several numbered Player Storage Lockers which allow you to persistently store your gear.

10. Your loot bag (when you die/respawn) is now named so you can identify it on the map. You can also now retrieve all items from your bag by grabbing any single item therein. ALL items will automatically and instantly transfer to your inventory. Items which do not fit into your inventory will drop to the ground and will have to be retrieved individually thereafter. This system was added so that you could get your stuff quickly out in the Game Zone because whatever killed you is probably still guarding your bag. And in NWN it takes far longer and is much more tedius to transfer items one at a time than it was in ROM1 and ROM2.

11. Support for a server/player status web page was added to the module.

12. !chat commands are now available for customized features. Some examples:

!delete allows you to delete your PC
!pickup will find nearby loot bags, take you to them, and open that loot bag to see what's there
!camp will camp your PC back to the START LOBBY after a fixed timer countdown
!quests will display your open Inn quests and also your current progress on each of them

13. All encounter spawn times have been greatly extended so that you are not constantly under attack and so you do not have to fight your way out as well as in to the map areas. The region of activation for the encounters has also been greatly expanded so the creatures (mostly ) spawn outside your field of view giving you ample opportunity to prepare your attack/defense or even to avoid them.

14. Creature names are now colorized to indicate their power level. The color ranges through the full gradually changing spectrum of GREEN (easy) to YELLOW (hard) to RED (very powerful) to PURPLE (godly).

15. GREEN zones now have trash cans so you can recycle your unwanted gear. You will receive a small recycling gold refund based upon the value of the recycled items.

16. There is now a DYE SHOP (unless the admin has disabled it) located in the START LOBBY where you can purchase dyes to customize the color of your gear (cloth, leather and metal).

17. All (most) creature blueprints in the Toolset Palette have been revised to use the new random loot generation system and also to be part of the new Inn quest system.

18. All merchants (the actual shops) have been moved to a single unreachable map area named "_commerce" so they are easily updated if/when necessary (no more hunting all over the module to find the shops).