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Topic: First post of 2018

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Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 18:01:39
OK. this is getting frustrating. I'll try posting the ROM3 v2.0 feature list to a brand new topic instead.....
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 17:09:51
1. Much of the game-play in the module is now affected by configuration flags and settings, all of which are contained within a single "_admin_config" script. The server admin can thus very easily change how they wish their version of this module to operate simply by altering those settings. Many of these settings are also alterable on-the-fly using a DM character. So game-play can change for many features without even having to restart the server. Note however that changes made as a DM will return to the default "_admin_config" settings when the server is restarted.
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 17:06:27
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 17:05:53
OK, I was expecting this to happen. I've burnt myself out working on this module modification and have therefore (hopefully only temporarily) lost my enthusiasm. So I'm going to take a break from working on it and I'll resume work in the near future.

So far I've made a LOT of progress. Following is a list of the ROM3 v2.0 module features so far:
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 17:04:28
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 17:04:05
Hmmm....none of the content of my posts are showing up for some reason. So I'll try breaking them up into smaller posts to see if that works...
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 17:03:09
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Apr-18, 17:02:23
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 16-Mar-18, 22:31:54
Only one difficult script left to create and the scripting is not the hard part....determining the in-game behavior I want is the hang-up.

The rest of the scripting is done (or at least functioning). I'm pretty pleased with the scripted semi-random Inn Quests and the randomized and periodically resetting store contents. Anyone who wants to be part of the playtesting, email me or post to this thread. I could certainly use more eyes checking for bugs and giving feedback on how things are working.
Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 06-Mar-18, 19:44:55
I lurk as well. And I wondered who would post the first of 2018. Now we know.

I've been working (not so secretly now) on a v2.0 update to DJ_Jult's ROM3 NWN module. I'm hoping to have it ready in time for an X-Mas 2018 event. If I stay alive, can maintain my motivation for the project, and can get all the work successfully done (it's insane how much must be done and some of the scripting is at or beyond my skill level).....and if there end up being any players around with the NWN game installed on their computer....

Well, we shall see what happens.

Author: the.gray.fox (the [dot] gray [dot] fox [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 02-Mar-18, 19:17:52
Busy with life -- I read and lurk, though. Foxinely.

Author: Defiant (fireiceviper [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 02-Mar-18, 19:05:45

Anyone still playing?