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Topic: lets bring rom2 back!!!!

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Author: PW_ (kingsoftheinternet [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Date: 10-Feb-13, 00:48:08
Barthos actually just bought another place over there. He's building his own empire.

I don't think these guys can handle ROM2 anymore. They thought they could. They really thought they knew the game until we showed up. They were humbled and realised that they had spent years playing yet learned nothing.

I guess not everyone can be the kings of the internet.
Author: Zinko (Zinkorules [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Date: 09-Feb-13, 23:25:19
heard from Barthos today, he's in LA at the moment but he said he's got a couple months off from his professional online gaming career so we should get a hat back up and runnin so the krays can reign rom2 again jus for a laugh.

any one interested in doin another hat, he would do one himself but he said he doesnt want the krays to be accused of cheatin.

sooo come on people... lets start playing a real online game, fuck ya shitty rom3 mod that failed.

lets hit the hardcore gaming!!!!

who's in?