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Topic: Adding items?

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Author: NOVA (KINGKOTA666 [at] HOTMAIL [dot] COM)
Date: 11-Nov-10, 23:33:20
It would help if you were more specific with your request. What item are you trying to add? How are you trying to add it? We're not mind readers and we do NOT know what you have done. Therefore it is rather difficult to provide any specific advice.

However, in the absence of any specifics, let me caution you that the map editor is rather finicky. The order in which you do the various steps is often VERY important. In most cases, you must edit the values of your item FIRST and then you must left click where on the map you want your edit to apply. So for instance, if you wish to change the stats of a monster:

1. Right click on the monster to select it and bring up the monster's current stats.
2. Make the changes you wish to those stats.
3. Left click that same monster on the map in order to APPLY your changes.

Failure to do step #3 above will result in NONE of your changes being implemented to that monster. To be sure they have been applied, it is a good habit to always right click the monster (or building or whatever) yet again to examine their current state and you will see immediately if your changes took effect.

The same procedure applies if you are placing new items/buildings/monsters etc on the map. Choose the menu item for what you want to place on the map (monsters, buildings, treasure bags, etc). Then left click the location on the map where you want the item to go (this will bring up a set of parameter windows pre-filled with either the default or the last valid values you used for such an item). Then edit the information windows to the values you desire. Then left click the item on map AGAIN to apply your edits. This last step is an often missed but absolutely necessary step.

Good luck,
Author: Drache (uknownperson155 [at] hotmail [dot] com)
Date: 11-Nov-10, 22:34:48
When I try to add an item into the game they won't show up on the map I add them into, is there something I must do or something? Tried it with different maps and no luck.