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Back in 2001 the idea was born to create a webbased game different from many others. Webbased games had already proven their worth but most where very limited and got bored after a while. Also we were unsatisfied with the fact that almost every webgame was based on simple attacks versus other players, instead of real tactics and development outside the battles. And that's why we came up with the current concept of Phantasia.

Phantasia is the name of the game and also of the world you play in. Different from other webgames we combine tactical strategy, role playing and simulation into one game. Another thing that makes Phantasia unique is the complexity of the world itself. We have managed to create an entire RPG world with just text and maps, bit without losing any of the quality that other Role Playing Games have.

With your character you will explore the world of Phantasia. You travel through various places and fight all kinds of creatures in order to gain experience and gold to upgrade your character. You will occupy and control villages you have conquered to get bonusses, items or spells. And finally you will battle players from other races in a highly tactical environment to help your own race on it's quest for world domination.


Because of our limited amount of time we have decided that we will put a very minor version of the original game online first. If and when we will continue working on the full game is uncertain at this moment. The release of the minor version of the game is scheduled for the spring of 2008.

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